Urban Eden

A virtual tour of a small garden in London.
(Above: Broughton Star, montana clematis, back garden, May 2009)

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Enjoy !

A pocket handkerchief garden

Welcome to 117 Croydon Road !
A little house in a big city
with a small, award-winning garden
full of colour.

Beautiful Bromley 2009

Beautiful Bromley 2009
Best Front Garden Gold Award.

Comma butterfly

Comma butterfly
July 2009


Front of House

117 Croydon Road
But first, let's take a proper look at the front garden,
starting with the view from the front window

Below : David Austin "Portmeirion" shrub rose
June 2009

Below: view of the front door
25th May 2009

Below: Siberian Irises
mid-late May 2009

Below: view, looking towards the front door,
Mid May

Below: towards the front door
Early-mid May (the azalias are in bloom) 2009


Into the back garden

Into the back garden
To the right of the back door, a mural
The virtual avery

Below: hanging basket
July, 2009

Below, the patio mural
May/June 2009

Below: looking towards the back garden from the back door.
The pelargoniums in full bloom. July 2009

Below : The Rambling Rector (Seagull)
rambling rose in full bloom, June 2009

Below: zoom-in
The Seagull and Blue Skies, June, 2009

Below : the clematis in bloom over the midden

Below: crocosmia (Lucifer) and borage
July 2009

Below: Looking towards the garage door
Foxgloves in bloom, June 2009

Below : Looking towards the backdoor of the house,
Foxgloves in bloom, June 2009

Below: the back garden meadow
July 2009

Below: Acer in the woodland garden

Below: Azalia in bloom
May 2009

Below: Gloriana climbing rose
June 2009

Below: Patio in the rain, 17th May 2009

Below: looking towards the garage door
May 2009

Below, looking towards the back door.
Irises and Aliums in bloom
May 2009
Below: The Midden in May

Below: Aliums and Irises
May 2009

Below: The Happy Landlord
May 2009

Below : the patio in early May

Below: looking towards the back of the house from the garage door
July 2009

Below: Salad days, June 2009
Below: the back garden in winter
January snow 2009
Below: looking towards the garage door

Below: the Jasmin under snow

Below: House Leek with a touch of frost

Below: frozen paw prints
Below: frozen ferns
Below : the trunk of the jasmin under snow
January 2009