Urban Eden

A virtual tour of a small garden in London.
(Above: Broughton Star, montana clematis, back garden, May 2009)

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Enjoy !

A pocket handkerchief garden

Welcome to 117 Croydon Road !
A little house in a big city
with a small, award-winning garden
full of colour.

Beautiful Bromley 2009

Beautiful Bromley 2009
Best Front Garden Gold Award.

Comma butterfly

Comma butterfly
July 2009


The Garden Studio, May 2010

(Above) The view of the studio looking from the garage towards the house.

(Below) The view of the garden from the studio window.

(Below) Peering through the studio window from the garden towards the patio and the house.

Views of the back garden, April/May 2010

(Above) Looking up the back garden path.

(Above) Eddie

(Above) Windchimes by Les

(Above) The Patio Clematis

(Below) Closer views of the back garden plants, first Veronica, then the patio clematis

The front garden in full colour May 2010

A view of the front door behind the azalias, May 2010
(Below) : Bluebells and Cerastium, followed by a closer look at the azalias.