Urban Eden

A virtual tour of a small garden in London.
(Above: Broughton Star, montana clematis, back garden, May 2009)

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A pocket handkerchief garden

Welcome to 117 Croydon Road !
A little house in a big city
with a small, award-winning garden
full of colour.

Beautiful Bromley 2009

Beautiful Bromley 2009
Best Front Garden Gold Award.

Comma butterfly

Comma butterfly
July 2009


Spring Colour, end of March 2010

After the long winter, a bit of colour is now returning to the garden. Here's a view from the back garden of the path leading to the garage. There's a bank of primroses in bloom at the top.

Here's a closer look at the primrose bank.

And some more primroses, because "one can never have too many primroses" (as I often say to my mother).

These Algerian Irises (iris unguicularis) are in bloom in the front garden. They are a very early flowering variety and provide some much needed colour at this time of year. To read more about this plant, check this article :                                                                http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/4208463/How-to-Grow-Iris-unguicularis.html

(Below) The view of the front garden (in the rain), looking up the path from the front door.
The Pyracantha under the front window is doing well. It's growing against a north-facing wall and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get any direct sunlight at all, but (happily) it seems to be thriving.

More primroses ! These are under the Pieris in the front garden, again in the shade of the north front wall of the house: a good area for the "woodland" garden.

There are a few Tête à Tête daffodils in both the front and back garden. Not enough though. I shall  have to do a mass-bulb-planting campaign in the autumn !

 Ditto for the snowdrops, which are gradually colonising the garden. Careful observers might spot the bluebell leaves: they are populating both gardens too and will be in bloom fairly soon.

A bit of woodland planting in the shade area of front garden.

 And some woodland planting in the shade area of the back garden (again there's some bluebells coming through).

The heather is also providing some nice colour in the front garden.


 As is the Skimmia, which is in large pot in the back garden.